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Final e-Portfolio

Due May 6th, 05:00PM






The purpose of an e-portfolio is to measure and reflect upon your personal learning goals as well as course learning outcomes. Additionally, your ePortfolio is an opportunity to create a space for your voice and identity as a writer, thinker, and creator, which you can showcase to potential employers and funding committees to help you achieve your goals beyond the classroom.

Revised Unit 1, 2, 3

Using the comments given by me and your own reflection, revise each of your papers.


The reflection section of your portfolio website is designed to show: (1) what skills and capacities you learned in the course and (2) outline the development and revision process of each paper.

You may want to begin the post with an introduction to who you were as a writer as you came into this class, maybe something brief about your background and how you assessed your strengths and weaknesses, maybe something about what your assumptions had been about the class or about college writing in general.

The body of your reflection should discuss the projects you’ve included in the portfolio (the logical way to set this up would be one paragraph per project). Explain each essay and how each illustrates your abilities as a writer. In essence, the letter should at least in part be an argument that you’ve achieved the course objectives of English 105i: Writing in Digital Humanities.

Your conclusion might include any recognitions you’ve made about yourself as a writer and any changes you’ve made (or plan to make) in your writing process.

An important reminder: Your reflection itself should also serve as evidence of your writing competencies in its focus, development, and organization.

Length guidelines: I expect that a well-developed reflection would be between 300-400 words.